Much Better Than Beans On Toast!

In the restaurant trade, we’re fortunate enough to receive a lot of positive feedback. Sometimes it’s from professional reviewers, who dine out a lot and pride themselves on recognising quality.

Although we enjoy receiving feedback from such sources, we received a cherished comment last month that made us chuckle and then smile.

A family came to pay us a visit for Sunday lunch. Their son was, apparently, something of a fussy eater. At home, Mum and Dad would often end up cooking him something simple, like fish fingers, or maybe beans on toast. On this particular day, we presented him with a delicious plate of food, including roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Like many parents, I think that his Mum and Dad were wondering how much of the meal he would actually eat.

We aim to deliver value for money when it comes to our dishes. But we do always appreciate that eating out is never cheap: that’s why we value every single guest who pays us a visit.

But I digress: his parents were probably wondering whether they would get value for money in this instance.

When our waiting team returned to collect their plates at the end of the meal, they were delighted to see that the lad has finished every bit. The thought did enter our heads that maybe his parents had helped out, but that was rather put to bed when he declared that the food had been “even better than baked beans!

This was praise indeed and, as we said earlier, was welcomed as much as that received from any restaurant critic.

This is not to say, by the way, that there is anything wrong with beans on toast. A simple meal such as that often has its place within a busy household, particularly when there’s not always time to spend many hours preparing a dish. Even more so when there’s no guarantee that the children will eat it!

I have two top tips for those who love their beans on toast:

Firstly, get yourself a good quality toaster. You’re looking for something that grills, or toasts, in an even manner. There’s nothing worse that having to scramble to get burned toast out, while wondering if you can rely on the toaster settings.

If you’re not sure which is right for you, then you could do far worse than checking out the Russell Hobbs toaster reviews over at Number 67. They seem to know what they are talking about.

So what’s my second tip? Use the best quality ingredients. When preparing a simple meal (as with any meal really), ingredients make a huge difference. Buy great bread and your favourite baked beans. The cost difference will be minor and the taste will be so much better than you’ll never look back.

But our meals will, we like to think, always outdo the humble beans on toast.